IntroductionScreenshotsKey Features in BriefSystem Requirements
  • Easy-to-use calculation system for laytime and demurrage / despatch-calculation. Based on the statement of facts the program generates a complete time sheet with automatic detection of day breaks, the time the vessel comes on demurrage and the changes in calculation thereafter
  • Our user-friendly entry forms are optimized for "less typing" by simplified date/time entries, auto text and short-cut functions
  • Have your laytime calculations and time sheets ready to be mailed within minutes instead of hours
  • Integration with Outlook™ email provides you with your usual tools like address book, auto text, spell-checker and so on. (Other MAPI compliant email systems like Windows mail™, Outlook Express™, Live Mail™ Exchange™, Lotus Notes™ are supported as well). A result report in PDF format will be attached. This can include your company logo and header as well. An individual cover message will be generated automatically based on your settings
  • Say goodbye to re-typing. Calculation inputs can be exchanged easily by the integrated email function. Simply double-click the BVA attachment to open the calculation. Modify the figures and get a complete re-calculation with a few keystrokes and clicks
  • Statement of facts without re-typing. Import your Statement of Facts with our SoF Import module. Your port agent will input and email the SoF data by using Statement of Facts Editor for Windows™
  • The program supports all usual contract clauses for the laytime calculation including: Reversible / Non reversible / Average / Customary Quick Despatch (CQD) Working time saved / All time saved Once on demurrage, always on demurrage / Not always on demurrage Mixed reversible / non reversible in one calculation file
  • All usual laytime calculation terms already predefined: full time counting, half time to count, time not to count, rain, shifting time not to count and a free percentage value for partial counting in case of breakdowns etc. Working periods during weekends and non-counting periods on demurrage also supported
  • All usual SHEX/FHEX terms already predefined and user customizable. Non-standard regulations can be specified by begin/end day of week and time. Weekends will be inserted into the calculation automatically
  • Optional Pro Rata calculation module with unlimited cargo shares per calculation. Generates complete time sheet and results for every cargo share owner automatically
  • User definable templates for contracts, repeated businesses or individual department requirements. Include your company or department header and logo. Include typical contract options and frequently used remarks and descriptions in a template and have them available at your fingertips. Ready-to-use templates for dry cargo and tanker business are already included
  • Automatic remark history relieves you from re-typing the same comments over and over again when entering the statement of facts
  • Drag & drop support. Program starts and loads or imports a file or email attachment automatically on double-click from email-system or Explorer
  • Built-in calculator and calendar
  • Avoid calculation errors which might easily be more expensive than the program including the PC itself
  • Your laytime calculations are accepted more easily because of our ‘industry standard’ format
  • The B&V Laytime Calculation software is yours for a reasonable annual subscription fee – with no hidden charges for installation, training or support

Laytime Calculation and Demurrage Calculation Software you can count on

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