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The AI-Powered Demurrage Platform

Work smarter. Settle claims faster.

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 Demurrage teams deal with the manual, time-consuming process of reviewing cargo documents in non-standard formats. To enable these teams to calculate and settle demurrage claims faster, they simply forward all cargo documents to their BV system. 

BV’s system automatically processes and digitizes key cargo documents, standardizing demurrage data for fast, and easy review. This supports existing demurrage workflows while streamlining the process.

BV’s Laytime Audit delivers a side-by-side comparison, enabling faster analysis and accuracy in the settlement of claims.

Demurrage AI Copilot Platform


The Demurrage AI Copilot Platform combines demurrage document import, digitization, processing, laytime calculation, and AI audit tools with dashboard-level visibility of demurrage status, risk, and exposure.

All backed by decades of dry bulk and oil & gas industry experience combined with the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. 


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Laytime Tracker

The BV Difference


Our Demurrage AI Copilot Platform delivers functionality, speed, and ease of use to save you time and money. Gain peace of mind with the accuracy, consistency, and reproducibility of demurrage calculations, SOF digitization, and Layime Auditing with the Demurrage AI Copilot Platform. 

Join over 1,000 customers in 100+ countries. Spending less time on demurrage.



“During Covid the workload was so high I would have died were it not for your software”

Patricia R.                                      
Demurrage Professional   
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