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Laytime Tracker

Manage and Settle your Demurrage Claims


Never miss a time bar again

The complexity of the trade chain results in a fragmented view of demurrage. A single commodity purchase or sale contract can result in four or more laytime calculations, often with different contract terms depending on counterparty, commodity, or geographic location. This is further compounded by multiple load and discharge ports or pro rata allocation across multiple parties. As a result, it is no surprise that many companies use Excel or data scattered across multiple enterprise systems to track millions of dollars of demurrage exposure.

The Laytime Tracker is the product of several decades of expertise in service to and monitoring of the demurrage industry. The system provides Trade Execution and Demurrage teams an overview of active demurrage claims, profit and loss, and tools to monitor the status of each claim. The ability to quickly collaborate with colleagues and identify demurrage exposure accelerates the demurrage settlement process.
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P&L Overview

Track your demurrage P&L for each vessel, voyage, port call or trade. Quickly filter and export data to produce further insights on demurrage exposure and trends across your portfolio.

Kanban Board

Manage and report the status of each demurrage claim for a voyage or trade in real-time using a drag-and-drop Kanban board. Have visibility into your demurrage team's workload and where claims are getting stalled in the settlement process.

Demurrage Timebars

Keep track of demurrage claim timebars to reduce risk and avoid missing critical dates. Configure alerts and notifications.

BV's Laytime Tracker Gives You Full Visibility Into the Status of your Demurrage Operations