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Keeping the World's Energy Flowing

The world's energy is moved by gas carriers and supertankers, workhorses of the ocean designed to carry the lifeblood of the global economy. Adverse weather, berth congestion, and supply chain constraints result in demurrage during the production, refining, and transportation of Oil & Gas.
BV works with leading players across the Oil & Gas industry.
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Oil & Gas Producers

Oil purchase and sale contracts done on a FOB or CIF basis include demurrage exposure, introducing uncertainty to your Profit & Loss. A single missed time bar can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses per cargo.

With BV producers have a complete overview of their demurrage exposure and timebars - making settlement of demurrage payables and receivables fast and efficient. 


Energy Commodity Traders

Energy commodity traders sit at the heart of the energy trade chain. Each Sale & Purchase or Voyage Contract can include demurrage payables and receivables across several counterparties. Identifying, calculating, and settling multiple demurrage claims is a complex and lengthy undertaking.

From our founding BV has been designed for speed, flexibility, and accuracy to meet the demanding needs of energy traders across the Oil & Gas industry. 



For shipowners trading a fleet of tankers on voyage charters worldwide, the work of recovering every dollar of demurrage is crucial given the lengthy time involved in settling demurrage claims.

With BV shipowners can quickly calculate laytime for complex port calls and lengthy Statement of Facts. 

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Shipbrokers and Port Agents

Shipbrokers and port agents are under constant pressure to deliver quality service faster and at a lower price.

BV's platform enables brokers and agents to process demurrage calculations quickly and accurately, decreasing overhead and providing their clients with greater value.            

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