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Demurrage AI Copilot Platform

Digital transformation of demurrage using AI 

Laytime Tracker

Manage Demurrage in a Whole New Way

B&V's Demurrage AI Copilot Platform combines our proven laytime calculator with AI and automation to deliver an intuitive claims management workflow.

Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the BV platform unlocks efficiencies by digitizing trade documents and enabling demurrage specialists to quickly and accurately calculate, manage, and settle claims.

BV's solutions leverage AI and automation without changing the underlying process for a vessel operator or demurrage analyst.

As trade documents become available, the platform digitizes, processes and standardizes them to enable operators and analysts to calculate and audit claims, while providing demurrage Profit & Loss visibility throughout the voyage and commodity trade lifecycle.

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A Demurrage Platform That Gives You The Right Tools For The Job.

Laytime Calculator

The BV Laytime Calculator has been built on decades of data and client feedback and delivers an unsurpassed combination of intuitive design and demurrage functionality.

SOF AI Copilot

BV's groundbreaking SOF AI Copilot applies proprietary OCR, AI, and machine learning technologies to digitize SOFs and automatically recommend exceptions to laytime.

Audit AI Copilot

Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest ones: welcome to Audit AI Copilot. Compare two laytime statements from any source, spot differences, and settle claims faster. 

Laytime Tracker

Unlock visibility and collaboration in your demurrage book at the vessel, cargo and trade level with the BV Laytime Tracker. Stay on top of demurrage claim status, timebars and your demurrage P&L.

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