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Statement of Facts AI Copilot

The Days of Manual Entry Are Coming to an End

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SOF AI Copilot

One voyage can produce multiple statements of facts in just as many formats. Copying PDFs by hand is time-consuming, and when a missed line can cost tens of thousands of dollars it is ineffective. The BV Statement of Facts Automator makes this process a thing of the past. 

The BV Statement of Facts Automator takes SoFs in any format and imports them into the Digital Demurrage Platform using natural language processing to standardize the format for a faster and more accurate Audit Process using the BV AI Audit tool. 

Makes sure your team is getting the facts straight so that your Demurrage operations are fast, accurate, and efficient.

SOF Digitization
Turn SOF documents into actionable data in an instant.



Take any Statement of Facts document, upload, and digitize it. No need for you or your port agent to re-key data into another system again.

Review & Select

Let the SOF AI Copilot do the heavy lifting as our proprietary machine learning model detects and classifies SOF remarks which count as exceptions to laytime or demurrage. You simply review, make adjustments, and approve.


Generate a preliminary laytime calculation in under sixty seconds. 

BV's SOF Automator makes your demurrage team more efficient than ever before.