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Burmester & Vogel, a leading maritime software company, today announced the appointment of Andre Sugai to its Leadership team, effective December 13, 2021. Andre Sugai will serve as Interim CTO.

Andre brings an extensive background in technology and strong operational leadership to Burmester & Vogel. Andre will be leading the architecture of B&V's demurrage cloud and analytics solutions.

Andre has spent the last fifteen years helping Fortune 500 and startup companies build successful products with emerging technologies. Andre’s focus as a CTO is on building scalable systems and best-in-class applications.

“I’m excited to join one of the most recognizable names in maritime technology. Starting with Laytime and Demurrage, Burmester & Vogel is uniquely poised to disrupt the commercial maritime space by combining over 38 years of experience and data with innovative technology solutions - and this is just the start.”

Prior to joining B&V, Andre was CTO at ORA Interactive, a technology company focused on mobile and web application strategy, design, and development, and Regional VP of Technology at projekt202, the leader in Experience-driven Technical Transformation consulting. Andre’s passions include serving as a mentor and implementing inclusivity and open communication at all levels of his organizations.

Andre holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and lives in Chicago, IL.

About Burmester & Vogel

B&V delivers maritime software and services to the world’s most demanding commodity traders, industrial producers, bulk terminals, shipowners, shipbrokers, and port agents. Our trusted solutions are used to calculate laytime and demurrage for billions of tons of cargo each year. With B&V, companies save time, reduce risk, capture demurrage P&L, and spend less time demurrage.


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